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What to do with Scrap Metal from Garage Doors?

Garage Door technicians often end up with scrap metal as a result of the work they do. Springs, broken tracks, useless bolts and screws, and occasionally ruined garage door panels all have to be replaced, and broken pieces need to be disposed of. While technicians typically throw the useless pieces away or leave them for the homeowner to dispose of, scrap metal is quite valuable.

The most common metals in garage doors are steel and aluminum, both of which are worth a fair amount of cash when recycled in large quantities. There are many metal recycling companies that collect scrap metal, with steel and aluminum being two of the most commonly collected metals. Steel is referred to as ferrous metal, as is any metal containing iron, while aluminum is a non-ferrous metal.

Metal is not the only material available, although it is the most common. Commercial garage doors are not all roll up style either. They can slide open horizontally or vertically from the center. If you have an extremely long building face that needs doors, they can be in separate section or one huge door that opens at once. Most commercial door dealers can offer a designer to help you decide what the best options for your business will be.

The steel found on garage doors is often stainless steel, a metal commonly seen in kitchen appliances. The aluminum found in garage doors is typically of a higher quality and greater content than what is found in aluminum cans, which are the other largest source of recycled aluminum. There is some small amount of controversy regarding the efficacy of collecting and reusing most recycled products. Critics argue that producing new materials from recycled goods costs more energy than creating products out of raw materials. These assertions usually leave out certain considerations, such as the time and energy it took to find and harvest the raw materials.

The fact remains it can be just as expensive to create a product from recycled materials as from raw materials. Recycled paper, for example, is never the same quality as freshly created paper from tree pulp, and sometimes costs more. Plastic bottles are another example in which the products made from recycled materials are not as efficient or useful as products made directly from petroleum.

Metal, on the other hand, is an undeniable case of economic efficiency in recycling. Creating metal products from recycled metal is far less costly and environmentally damaging than finding and extracting new metal from the earth. Because metal simply needs to be melted down and poured into a new cast to create a new material, it is just a matter of collecting useless metal parts and recycling them. Garage doors illustrate a perfect example of a source of metal that can be recycled.

Recycling metal is also beneficial to the recycler, as many recycling companies will pay for scrap metal. The prices for scrap metal can be quite attractive when one considers how much scrap metal might be collected, which is why so many people collect and sell aluminum cans.

If scrap metal is not recycled, it is likely sent to a landfill, where it takes up space and becomes a waste of money and energy. Many scrap metal materials are sent to landfills or dumps in foreign countries and can pollute the water and land with heavy metal poisoning. By recycling metal from garage doors, homeowners and garage door technicians are not only saving money; they are protecting the environment.

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