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Residential Garage Doors



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There are seemingly endless styles and varieties of residential garage doors which can make deciding on a new garage door a tedious task.  There are several different types of garage doors and materials which allow for many styles and colors to better match the décor of your home.  Browsing the online galleries of garage door vendors as well as consulting a garage door professional can help aid you in your choice of a new garage door.

There are two main types of residential garage doors; sectional garage doors and roller doors.  Roller doors are constructed of corrugated steel to allow the door to be rolled up.  These doors are mostly used for commercial purposes.  The other type of garage door is sectional, which is the most common type used as a residential garage door.  Sectional garage doors are made up of six to eight panels hinged together and can slide open without the need of extra space.  Sectional doors are manufactured in three different materials, each one adding a different element to the look of your home.

A common material for residential garage doors is steel.  Steel garage doors have maintenance-free factory finishes and can be painted any color to best match your siding and trim.  These doors are a practical choice because they will not rot like wood can, they are light weight, and can be purchased in a plethora of styles.  Another choice for garage doors is composite garage doors.  Composite garage doors are steel carriage garage doors that have exteriors made from other materials.  The exteriors of composite garage doors are normally made up of vinyl boards or materials to mock the appearance of wood.  You can purchase prebuilt composite doors or have them custom built.  The last type of garage door is wooden garage doors. Wood garage doors are the most extravagant garage doors in appearance but are also the most expensive.  Wood garage doors are overhead openers that give the appearance of a swing-open door.  The outward appearance and décor of your home may dictate what type of door is necessary for your home.  It is always helpful to discuss garage door options with a garage door installation professional.

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