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Garage Door Installation


Garage Door Installation

                Installing a garage door is a relatively straightforward process for those that are properly trained in how to handle the multiple factors that go into garage door installation such as stiffener alignment, lift motor placement, and spring alignment among other variables.  Improper procedure for garage door installation can make the door unsafe or prevent it from functioning.  The technicians at Affordable Garage Doors are well-trained to handle the many variables that are involved with garage door installation to perform the job safely and effectively.  They offer installation services for all types of residential and commercial garage doors.

                Performing a garage door installation involves several important steps that must be followed to ensure that it functions effectively.  The first step of installing a steel garage door is to install a steel stiffener along the top edge of the door to prevent it from jamming.  The door itself should then be assembled before proceeding.  Another important step to perform before installing the door is the installation of the garage door opener if one is not already in place.  Check with the guidelines given by the door opener manufacturer to determine which opener works best with your door and the best installation methods for that opener. 

                The next step is the installation of the door to the rest of the garage door system which is a multi-step process in itself.  First, the opener must be connected to the door which is done via the trolley.  It is important for the opener to be centered with the door before doing this so that it will not twist or bind while moving.  Once the door and opener are connected, the counterbalance system needs to be adjusted at every foot that the garage door is raised.  This will stabilize the door which allows it to lift open should the opener malfunction or become disconnected from the door.  Once the counterbalance system has been stabilized, the last step is to test the garage door to ensure that the mechanisms are aligned properly. 

                Performing installations or maintenance work of any kind on a garage door system can be dangerous work if the proper procedures are not followed.  If installing a garage door yourself, please become familiar with all necessary steps and safety precautions of the process to complete the job and only proceed if you are properly trained and confident in your abilities to handle the task.  If you would like professional assistance with garage door installation, contact Affordable Garage Doors for their reasonably priced installation services   Their technicians are highly trained to install all types of garage doors as well as perform many other garage door maintenance and repair services.