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Some homeowners take pride in the outward appearance of their homes and nothing contributes to the curb appeal of your home like the garage door.  Garage doors can take up a large surface area of the front of some homes which means that the style of a garage door can greatly affect a home’s overall appearance.  However, the look is not the only factor to take into consideration when getting a new garage door.  The cost and material of the door are also factors to consider as well as the opener type and other component parts that contribute to the garage door system.  Professional garage door companies  install and service garage doors, openers, and their parts and they can also help customers decide on replacement garage doors and openers.

The first step to take when replacing a garage door or the entire system is to decide on the material and type of garage door to install.  The main types of residential garage doors are steel doors, wood doors, and composite doors.  Steel garage doors are the least expensive and most common garage door type.  Steel doors have maintenance-free factory finishes that can be painted any color, are light weight, and can be insulated for excellent climate control.  However, these doors do succumb to dents and scratches that are difficult to repair.  Wood garage doors are custom built in an endless array of styles and provide a much more sophisticated look to a home.  These doors also operate much quieter than steel doors.  Wood doors require more maintenance, however, because they can rot, split, or warp if ignored.  Composite garage doors are constructed of composite materials and are typically styled to give the appearance of a wooden door.  These doors are more expensive than steel doors and do not require the maintenance that is needed for real wood doors.  The most expensive and highest quality garage door type is vinyl garage doors.  These doors are well insulated and maintenance free, rust resistant, and scratch and dent resistant.  Garage door installation companies work with several garage door manufacturers and can help inform their customers on the garage door options available from the manufacturers. 

                The other major component of a garage door system is the door opener (  There are several different types of residential garage door openers that vary in opening mechanism, price, power, maintenance, and noise level.  Homeowners looking for a new garage door opener should take these factors into consideration when choosing a new opener.  The one feature that all door openers must contain is sensors that will stop the garage door from closing if an object is detected within the door tracks as it is moving.  It has been a federal law since 1993 that garage door openers must be equipped with these sensors.  The main types of garage door openers are chain drives, screw drives, and belt drives.  The most common and affordable openers are the chain openers.  These openers use a ½ or ¾ horsepower motor to lift the door open via a chain that is driven by the gear within the motor to pull the trolley attached to the door.  Screw drives function similarly to chain drives but with a threaded steel rod in place of a chain.  These openers are more expensive than chain drives but they are also quieter and have less moving parts to maintain.  Belt drive openers are the quietest and most expensive residential openers.  These openers operate with a metal-reinforced rubber belt that lifts the door open.  Companies that install garage doors also sell and install all types of residential openers.  These companies work with garage door opener manufacturers to bring their customers several options and they provide installation and maintenance services for openers. 

                When it comes to replacing or installing new and replacement garage door components, these jobs should be performed by trained garage door technicians.  Performing maintenance on a garage door or its parts can be quite dangerous because of the amount of pent-up tension in the system.  Mishandling that tension could lead to further damages or cause parts to fly off and damage other property or cause injury.  Licensed and bonded garage door technicians will perform the job properly and most companies will even warranty their parts and labor.  Garage door companies should be contacted to perform any installation and maintenance on major components such as the opener and the door as well as the smaller components such as the springs, tracks, cables, and rollers.