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Smoky Hookah’s New and Updated Website Marks Seven Years of Business

Chicago, Bridgeview Aug, 2014 After a highly successful 7 years, Smoky Hookah announced it has completely revamped and updated its website, The website now has new features and functions for customers, and it includes a wider variety of the company’s products. Customers can also now track orders, make wish lists, and manage their accounts, all through the website. Members can even choose to receive emails notifying them when a product they have been waiting for is available the moment it comes in stock. The company has spent a great deal of time, energy, and resources into researching and selecting the best new software for a smoother operating website and a better customer experience. The new look is modernized and reflects the success the business has seen in the past 7 years.

Another big change to Smoky Hookah’s website comes in the form of having all products for sale catalogued and easily searchable. Available hookahs have been filed according to brand or type, with nine different brands of product to choose from. Shisha Tobacco has been similarly organized, and available accessories have been organized according to type. The most popular brands Smoky Hookah includes in its inventory, and the brands customers will perhaps be most familiar with, include Starbuzz, Khalil Mamoon, and Arabica. Both tobacco and hookahs manufactured and produced by these companies are available on the new website. There is also a wide variety of hookah accessories that can be easily searched on the site. These include glass bases, hoses, mouth pieces, hookah grommets, and hookah cleaning kits.

For those who may be new to hookah smoking, or are simply wondering how the ritual of hookah smoking came to be, Smoky Hookah also has a “Hookah Education” section on their website. The topics include hookah history, hookah smoking tips, initial hookah setup, and hookah maintenance.

Since hookah smoking most likely originated in the Middle East, and to this day, remains highly ritualized, Smoky Hookah prides itself on working with manufacturers and distributors from around the globe to bring customers the best products at the most reasonable prices. With the majority of their business occurring over the internet, Smoky Hookah has grown rapidly during the past 7 years, and they have amassed a large selection of hookah paraphernalia of all kinds.

For customers who might rather browse hookah products in person, Smoky Hookah also has three store fronts. They are located in Falls Church, Virginia; Bridgewater, Illinois; and Chicago, Illinois. Smoky Hookah has gained widespread respect from customers for their selection, value for the money, and flair for the ritual of hookah smoking. Looking ahead to the next 7 years and beyond, Smoky Hookah is excited to continue to grow and to offer their customers the best selection of hookahs and hookah products at highly competitive prices.


Smoky Hookah began in 2007 as an internet based company selling hookahs from a wide variety of vendors. They have since expanded their catalog, including even more varieties of hookahs, tobacco, and hookah accessories. Smoky Hookah looks forward to continuing to offer the best selection of hookah paraphernalia at competitive prices to its customers. 

The site also has an outstanding Hookah education section including some articles abuot e-hookahs, hookah accesories and more.