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Inside Dope of the Easy Open - Tear Packages!

In this era of technology, where everything is available at a blink, whether it is tinned foods, medicines, or products of daily use, they’re sustainable in the market depends on the quality they offer. It is important for all the industries to deliver flawless products and top the charts. To maintain its dignity, its packaging should be promising and appealing as the first rule. With the idea of recycling and re-using, the packaging industries have come up with an innovative design to open-access and reseal your products.

Increased consumer satisfaction claims the status of your turnover. To keep it at the higher end, consistently, start wrapping your materials with this flexible and easy to use package. Here are a few reasons to consider this advent of technology:

  • Effortless – does not require additional cutters
  • Prevents discharge of packed material
  • Increases life of your product
  • Brand identification
  • Tamper evident
  • Revitalizing your product


Reassuring quality

These are secured with the use of laser technology, which provides you with correct and controlled depth lines. This precision scoring use of laser enables you to get tearing lines at your spell, straight, radial, or curved, you say and it’s done. Gift your customers high on safety lines, which they look for in the products they use, with this packaging material and be their first preferred brand.

Zipper bags, microwaveable packages, re-sealable pouches are some of the areas of use of this amazing application. By using easy pull tabs on your product, along-with providing an easy access, these rejuvenate and increase your overall productivity.

Industries that definitely need this technology

Food, pharmaceutical, medical and personal care sectors should surely pick this to enhance their sales. Foods such as cheese, milk, juices and all the processed produce need this pliable packaging material to maintain the integrity and nutritional quality of food. Beauty is appreciated by all and should be transferred in its best form. Personal care and other medical products need special attention as they ensure one’s health. 

Preservation of the enclosed item is of utmost importance, to build upon a large consumer base. Use this invention of science for brand identification and filling your customer’s satiety level.  Breathe in life to your product with this simple technology and rule the world. So, accept easy-tear packages and make everything easy.