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Overhead commercial garage doors are the most common type. Roll-up doors include; counter doors, fore doors, service doors and rolling grilles. Metal roll-up doors are made by huge machines that form the metal in sections that are then assembled into a door. This is why it is easy to order your commercial door in any size that you need and it can be assembled in such a way that it will suit your individual business needs. You will need to decide whether the location of your door will require insulation or not. If it opens directly into the back room of a business, into a refrigerated storage area or into a warehouse where you have many people working in very cold weather, insulation may be needed.

If you have a serviceable commercial door, it is possible to upgrade it like new for a much lower cost than a new door. Hinges can be changed from single to double end, 2 inch tracks can be swapped out for 3 inch, torsion springs can be upgraded with a solid shaft in place of the original hollow shaft, hardware can be changed out for corrosion proof materials and so can the counter balance system. If your existing door is still in good condition, then this may be a way to get a like new door and new security measures for a fraction of the cost of a new door.

Metal is not the only material available, although it is the most common. Commercial garage doors are not all roll up style either. They can slide open horizontally or vertically from the center. If you have an extremely long building face that needs doors, they can be in separate section or one huge door that opens at once. Most commercial door dealers can offer a designer to help you decide what the best options for your business will be.

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